Unseen Work: The TEDx Talk

Myles Biggs is a rockstar not just on the stage, but behind the scenes. Throughout our TEDx experience which included the time period of the global pandemic, Myles always was willing to offer help to others as well as bounce ideas off of. He went out his way to help us secure supplies, and was always checking in to see if there was anything that he could do beyond the requirements of speakers. He is an inspiring speaker, and someone that I could listen to talk for a long time. In fact, he guest lectured for one of my college classes that I teach (and I hope to have him back in future semesters). It was a pleasure to work with Myles, and I hope he will continue to have a role in our local TEDx community.
Chuck Black
Educator & Volunteer TEDx Williamsport Organizer​

About Myles Biggs

The following summary is provided to TED by TEDxWilliamsport
Myles J. Biggs is the founder and host of Relish The Journey, a podcast devoted to curating extraordinary stories arising from ordinary circumstances. After years of podcasting, his show has evolved into a platform for coaching and consulting services and has also fueled research for a forthcoming book diving deeper into his TEDx topic of The Unseen Work. Myles serves as the Director of Digital Marketing for MoJo Active, a full-service integrated marketing agency in Watsontown. He holds a degree in corporate communications from Lycoming College and is a 2019 graduate of the Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders program.