Zachary Finn, Author of The Ancient Evil Versus The Good Boy

Zachary Finn is a lover of all things history and horror. He currently resides in central NY with his dog, Bruce, and his girlfriend, Natalie. When he’s not working at a museum or writing you can typically find him somewhere lost in the woods, wandering through an old cemetery, or trying to improve his jab. Check out his debut novel here:

RTJ #88 – Do It Scared: Why you should always press record (featuring Dave Cooper)

Hear how an Army combat medic, turned consultant, turned home builder, turned video entrepreneur continues to reinvent himself by completely immersing himself in his passions.

To learn more about Dave Cooper, visit his website at www. or connect with him on LinkedIn.

RTJ #93 – Love The Struggle: the decade-long path to landing a photography gig with Red Bull

Listen to how ten years spent networking, learning and pushing himself in the world of photography, led Willie Martini to a gig with the iconic brand, Red Bull. 

See more of Willie’s work for other big brands –

Check him out on Instagram –

To learn more about Dave Cooper, visit his website at www. or connect with him on LinkedIn.

RTJ #76 – Action, Action, Action (featuring Dennis McGinley)

Dennis McGinley is the founder and owner of Strivent Coaching.

Strivent = striving to be present. 

Everyone is used to hearing about coaches for athletes. What about coaches for entrepreneurs? Or for the average person looking to better themselves? 

Dennis is my coach. We dive into what that means and how he started down this path. Great episode – enjoy!

RTJ #68 – Curiosity, Integrity, Courage (featuring Yonason Goldson)

BRACE YOURSELF – this guy is AMAZING. From shuttling confiscated boats for the government, to rabbinical school, Yonason Goldson has quite the journey. We unravel his cross country backpacking trips across the US and Europe, as well as his trips speaking across the country on ethics.

Ultimately we ponder the questions: Where did we get our beliefs? Where did our values come from? Did we choose them or did they choose us?

RTJ #64 – Passionate, Persistent, Creative (featuring Sarah Nuse)

When people hear my schedule and everything I work to get done in the day, they sometimes scratch their heads and ask me how I get it all done. Sarah Nuse puts me to shame!

She’s a wife, mother, business owner, podcaster, future author, Shark Tank alum – the list goes on and on. 

Sarah’s three words say it all – she truly is passionate, persistent and creative. 


RTJ #66 – Unique, Enjoyable, Serendipitous (featuring Erin Surrock)

This was a great episode to record, but also a hard one. Erin has so many stories and journeys, that we probably could do a 10 episode season on just her life. From her day job as a graphic designer, to moonlighting as a bassist in a rock band, landing a job with NASA (yes, that NASA) and buying a van to build-out and travel the country in – this woman has more life experience than half the people I know.

RTJ #57 – I’m Not Done (featuring Brandon Poliszuk of The Social Butterfly)

Brandon Poliszuk, is the founder of The Social Butterfly, a full-service creative agency in Minnesota. He’s also started the next movement in networking with Link N Drink. So it’s no surprise that he was just named Minnesota’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2019.

Brandon’s passion for providing value has landed him in the room with heavy hitters like Mark Brazil and Gary Vaynerchuck – and folks, he’s not done!

RTJ #48 – Big Tough Girl (featuring Ashley Mitchell)

Ashley Mitchell is the queen of “owning her shit.” And I love it! This episode was incredibly fun to record. It’s the first with a co-host – I was joined by Kate Williard from Episode 33, Love Over Fear

It was Kate’s episode where I was first brought into the “Wild West” that seems to be the world of adoption. Kate mentioned that Big Tough Girl was an account she drew strength from on Instagram, and BOOM, fast forward a few months and we made the follow-up interview happen. 

I would never describe Ashley as big. But she is for sure one badass, tough girl. And her heart and her personality are most-definitely big. Larger than life. 

Ashley chose to give her first child up for adoption. At that point in her life, she was not ready to provide for another human being. Her mission now is to bring that side of the story to an adoption community seemingly dominated by the adoptive parent perspective instead of the birth parent perspective. 

Grab a cup of coffee, hunker down, and get ready for an emotional roller coaster, where most importantly, you will LEARN something. We never know what other people have battled or are going through. Extend grace. Always.